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Does SD archive deleted or changed files?

One of your competitors, Synk Pro, offers a feature that seems to provide a lot of comfort to my clients: archiving.

It works like this:

You have a source and target folder. You delete a file from the source folder during the day. The backup runs at night and the target folder gets updated to remove the file you deleted. Now the two folders are identical. However, the deleted file gets sent to an Archive folder which you designate, inside a folder bearing the date of the backup that caused the deletion.

Archives can be automatically deleted after a set number of days to avoid sucking up tons of disk space.

This provides a lot of comfort to my clients. It protects them against accidentally deleting a folder of important files, then doing a backup and finding that the files you needed are gone, but can be found in the archive folder.

SuperDuper is cheaper and I suspect easier to use. I've spend some time poking around to see if this feature exists in SD, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't. Does SuperDuper offer any similar functionality?
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