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rmcellig 12-03-2005 08:15 AM

Unable to quit Superduper
I'm running version 2.0.1. When I went to do my backup, part of the script said to quit Superduper. After the backup completed successfully, Superduper was still open. I tried quiting to no avail. Finally I did a force quit. Superduper was not doing anything else. Any ideas what is going on and how to resolve it?

dnanian 12-03-2005 09:40 AM

Did anything unusual appear in the console when this happened?

rmcellig 12-03-2005 10:48 AM

Not that I could see. All I was doing before I performed the backup was modifying some of my scheduled backups.

rmcellig 12-03-2005 10:49 AM

To clarify further, I meant in the Scheduler window. i had to delete some of the scheduled actions and create new ones.

dnanian 12-03-2005 10:50 AM

Understood. OK -- if you could, check the console if this happens again (the console.log) and see if there's anything unusual in there. We'll keep looking for the cause of the problem.

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