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chabig 09-22-2016 04:18 PM

SuperDuper, iCloud Drive, and macOS Sierra
When iCloud Drive is turned on in Sierra, the user's Documents and Desktop folders are moved from "~/" to "~/Library/Mobile Documents/" which means that SuperDuper will back up the files normally.

But if Optimize Mac storage is also on, documents that are on iCloud Drive might be removed from the Mac to make space. I would expect that the next SuperDuper backup will then lose that document, because it will no longer be on the Mac. At that point, we are relying on iCloud for backup, with no offline source.

Is that right?

Note: The same would be true for any similar system, such as DropBox Infinity.

dnanian 09-22-2016 04:19 PM

That is correct.

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