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luomat 09-18-2011 04:41 PM

Universal "Clean Install" backup?
This isn't, strictly speaking, about SuperDuper, but I suspect that folks here would be the only ones who might know the answer to this.

I have 4 Macs: a MacBook (Black), a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, and an iMac.

Here's what I would like to do:

Using a 32GB USB drive, create a "standard" installation of 10.7.1, including some 'essential' applications (Xcode, 1Password, SuperDuper, DiskWarrior, iWork, iTerm, OmniFocus, etc) and configure things the way that I like it (dock on left, Activity Monitor and LaunchBar under Finder, no other apps in Dock unless they are running, etc).

Once I have that setup the way I want it, I'd like to be able to use that to install Lion on any of the computers. Actually, I could conceivably just sit down at any Mac, boot it off the USB drive, and have a usable system the way that I like it.

Is this feasible when you are dealing with different kinds of hardware? It has to be somewhat akin to what corporations do, right?

(The main thing I'm wondering about it how to deal with things like "en0" on the MacBook Air = Wi-Fi, but is Wired Ethernet on all of the other machines… plus things like the Hostname, DHCP ID, etc would have to be different.)

Has anyone done this or have any ideas how it might be done? I've tried Googling but have not had much luck, possibly because I'm not sure what terms to search for.


p.s. — apparently this isn't the first time this idea has occurred to me: :-)

dnanian 09-18-2011 07:23 PM

It's reasonably feasible, but you have to be careful with things like the machine name, the network interfaces, etc. Sometimes you'll have to make some minor changes to get it to work. But, in general, a given version of OSX supports all the Macs that were released before it (assuming they fulfill the base hardware requirements).

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