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ashleykaryl 07-01-2011 03:57 PM

Backup options in SuperDuper!
I've just downloaded the new version of SuperDuper! and it looks like there are new options for creating backups of data. I've always been very happy using the smart update but I just wondered if there is any reason why it would be better to opt for copy newer files or copy different files? I am presuming this is faster somehow but what is the difference in practice if you just want a reliable cloned backup copy?

dnanian 07-01-2011 03:58 PM

Copy Newer and Copy Different have always been there. In general, they're for special case situations and shouldn't be used for normal backups: you should be using Smart Update.

ashleykaryl 07-01-2011 04:02 PM

That shows how long it's been since I last looked at the backup options. Smart update has always worked so I am happy to stick with that.

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