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dianeoforegon 07-06-2010 07:44 PM

Super Duper problems running scheduled backup
My problem started after updating to 10.6.4, but after booting back into 10.6.3, SuperDuper is still failing to backup using schedules. SuperDuper never gets to the point were it makes a log to send in. I did made a sample log in Activity Monitor and I have a console log if you need them.

I have my schedule set to run at 2:50 AM. An iCal event runs just prior and it runs without problems, but SuperDuper will either start but never finish (It was in repairing permissions 7 hrs later the first time. ) or it will start when I wake my computer.

I can manually run the backup without problems.

Once I quit the backup, then everything starts failing like TextEdit, Activity Monitor, Disk Utility, Microsoft Entourage. I have to restart to get things working again.

I donít think SD is the culprit, but something is corrupted causing everything to hang. Any clues on what could be causing this behavior?

dnanian 07-06-2010 09:00 PM

That's certainly weird. Yes, could you send the sample/console to

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