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CEichhorn 07-05-2010 12:15 PM

SL Clean Install - Hostname change?
Last year I did a clean install of SL. I chose the name BART as the primary user name and a password. The system boots directly without requiring a password. There are no other user accounts.

I wanted to reinstall (clean) SL and then transfer my apps/data/settings (490 GB worth) to the new installation, expecting to end up with a system that would appear identical to the old system but be "clean."

I used SD to successfully make a bootable clone of my single current iMac SL drive on an external FW drive. It boots and runs fine.

I unplugged the external drive and booted from the OS X DVD. I wiped the original drive with Disk Utility and installed SL successfully -- using the same name BART and same password but a new photo.

Then I connected the external drive and used Migration Assistant to bring over my apps and data and settings. BUT -- MA said it could not use the name BART and I had to pick a new name... Uh-oh. I picked BARTHOLOMEW (and the same password), and continued the transfers, which were successful, sort of...

I shut down and unplugged the external drive.

When I rebooted, a clean/empty version of SL comes up - not my old BART system's desktop, folders, apps, etc.

In Preferences/Accounts I see that the system now boots directly into a user/admin named BART, but it is the new, "empty" account. There is another account named BARTHOLOMEW, which, when I switch to it, brings up my "old" system. So it seems the old name was put on the new empty system, and the new name was put on my original system.

I was hoping to have my original BART settings/apps/data (now called BARTHOLOMEW) come up as the no-password default startup.

As it stands now, the 'new' BART comes up, with an empty version of SL, and requires me to Logout and choose BARTHOLOMEW and enter the password to come back in. OK, it DOES work, but it is not what I wanted or expected. How do I change/fix this?

My external drive clone image of the original BART is still intact, so I am not panicking yet. I can start all over again, if necessary.

How do I get a clean install of SL but with the same BART settings/apps/data?

Can I change account names? Can I change the default boot account?

Can I start all over and somehow migrate the apps/data/settings without changing the name from BART? Am I choosing a wrong source in MA?

Sorry, but I could not find any reference to this issue anywhere....

I just want my old familiar system back!

Many thanks for reading all this and any suggestions.


2006 iMac/500GB
WD 500GB MyBook USB/FW external drive

dnanian 07-05-2010 12:21 PM

After a clean install, when it *prompts* you to copy from another Mac, *then* point at the backup. Don't create a new user then migrate by hand.

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