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jethro 10-09-2009 10:53 PM

Smart Update - Not so Smart?
Hi, we're running SuperDuper (2.6.1 now that it auto-updated). We're cloning an old server's storage drive to our new server. It's only our files, no OS, users, etc.

The backup drive is an external LaCie. When backing up to it, we use Firewire, when restoring from it we use eSATA.

The initial restore to our new server drive (using erase and copy), took about 4 hours for 350GB (averaging about 20MB/s).

So I did one last Smart Update from the old server to get today's files, and it went as expected. Took about 5 minutes and copied about 1.2GB over.

So I assumed it would take the same 5 minutes (or less) to restore to the new server using Smart Update, as it is a newer machine, with faster drives, using eSATA. But it looks like it's replacing ALL files again! It's been 45 min, and it says only 40,000 of 130,000 files evaluated and copied! And it definitely says it's using 'Smart Update'.

I'm afraid to stop it now, as I'm not sure what state it will leave it in. But now I was planning on changing our server over but have to wait 4 more hours for the few files to copy over! This is not very 'smart' in my opinion.

Both systems are identical 10.4.11 server editions (they were cloned earlier). And again, there are no OS system items. Our boot drive is a separate drive altogether.

dnanian 10-09-2009 11:15 PM

I don't know why that would be: we're certainly live comparing the two volumes... and I did the same thing myself just the other day (also with 10.4.11 server).

You didn't do anything with the new server in between the two runs?

jethro 10-09-2009 11:25 PM

No, nothing was done on the new server. When I do check the size on the new drive (as it's still being copied to), it's about the size that the total should be (350GB). So it's just replacing all of the files that I just wrote to it on the first run.

- What happens in this case if I stop the process (it's still going to be another 3 hours or so)?

- Is this because it's the first time running Smart Update (previously had done a 'Erase and Copy')?

- On the initial restore, I was watching the progress and noticed that it appeared that some files weren't copied over. It said something like '127,9xx files evaluated, 127,600 files copied'. So there was about a 300 file discrepancy. Any thoughts?

- When doing this long restore (and the initial), it says the effective copy speed is about 24MB/s. Is this about right for an external SATA drive copying to a new RAID 1 array using eSATA? Would doing this by command line (like ditto) be quicker?

Thanks. 4 hours to 'synchronize' about 350GB worth of files is just too much to be practical in the long run.

dnanian 10-10-2009 10:00 AM

I understand, and as I said, this isn't typical. I certainly don't understand how this has happened, and have tried a few times to replicate at this end since your "report". Perhaps you could send in the logging using the "Send to shirt pocket" button so I can take a look?

24MB/s seems about right, yes. The 300 file difference is going to be due to caches, temporary files, etc - as indicated in "What's going to happen".

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