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gadgetdoctor 07-11-2008 12:36 PM

Copy TimeMachine to new drive WITHOUT erasing destination?
Is it possible to copy a TimeMachine volume to another drive without erasing the destination?

I have a TM backup on a USB drive (in its own partition with nothing else on it) that I want to move to a Firewire 800 RAID. The RAID has a 1TB capacity and there is a fair bit of stuff on it that I don't really want to move off.

Can I (with SD or any other way) move the existing TM data from the USB drive to the RAID and keep all the other files intact?


dnanian 07-11-2008 03:13 PM

While it's possible that a Copy Newer or Copy Different might do it. I think you'd be better off moving the other stuff off and back on (or, preferably, to its own partition, since Time Machine likes as much space as possible.

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