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rwross 03-27-2008 02:48 PM

Has anyone allowed Time Machine to run from a Clone or Sandbox?
Hi Guys...

I've bounced this around a bit with David Nanian and given the "black box" nature of Time Machine he wasn't sure, so I'm throwing these questions out to the larger user base.

As a former Windows user, I expect things to "not work" most of the time and haven't fully transitioned into believing that Apple Software will tend "to work" most of the time :-) are the questions:

1. Has anyone booted from a Clone and had Time Machine execute while running the clone? Did it seem to work?

2) If TM executed while running from the clone, did TM continue to function as expected when you, once again, booted from your primary drive and TM executed from there?

3) Has anyone restored from a cloned drive and then had TM execute from the newly restored drive. This case is quite intriguing for me since I can't get my head around what TM would do. I mean, let's say that main drives chokes and dies, and you restore it via SD from a backup that's a week old. The next time Time Machine executes it will "see" files on the TM backup drive that are from a week into "its" future.

So there you have it. The ramblings and queries of a potentially permanently scarred Windows User. Have empathy, compassion, and hopefully answers :-)


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