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iKersh 02-21-2008 06:27 PM

'Make volume bootable' - how to disable?
I have just purchased SuperDuper! (last night actually) after reading quite a few reviews about it.

Before I went to bed I set SD to use the 'Backup - User Files' option and sleep my MacBook Pro at the end of it - however in the third section of the SuperDuper! app window 'After Successful Copy' there is an option 'Make (volume_name) bootable'. I do not want to make the volume that I am copying my data to bootable as I have small external laptop hard drive which I am using to make a bootable copy of my entire system. According to the manual if you use the 'Backup - User Files' option, the bootable option should be turned off but having just the status of the backup job this morning SD has ticked that option as done!!!

How do I turn it ('make bootable' option)off? I have scoured the menu and options, also scanned through the forums to make sure I haven't asked a question that has been asked before and have not been able to find an option/menu item to turn it off!

dnanian 02-21-2008 11:56 PM

There's no need: if the volume has no OS, the "make bootable" step does nothing (and succeeds because it's designed to do nothing in that case).

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