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dtb 07-27-2007 05:32 PM

Slow smart update of very large file - feature request?
I am using VMware Fusion on my Macbook Pro and have given Windows a 40GB file. When this file has been changed at all (e.g. booted Windows and then shutdown), the entire file is copied over the network during a smart update. As the wireless network is pretty slow, this takes around 14 hours - during which I cannot use VMware.

My current workaround is to stop SuperDuper! from copying the file and to back it up manually using rsync. Rsync usually takes less than ten minutes to sync the file after it has been changed.

I know that you have built your cloner from scratch rather than using e.g. cp or ditto and it is usually very fast - my only problem with it is very large files over a slow network. Would it be possible for a future version to have the ability to rsync files over a certain size?

Any advise on any other way to speed up SuperDuper! on this file would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


dnanian 07-27-2007 06:46 PM

Rsync is actually calculating the differences between the two files and only copying the parts that changed, which we don't do. It's something we'll consider for the future...

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