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steveluscher 07-18-2006 01:53 PM

New! Control remote iTunes with Apple/Keyspan remote controls!
I've been a huge fan of netTunes for a while, but have lamented the lack of support for controlling a remote server from a client machine with that client's remote control.

Well... turns out the good folks at IOSpirit found out how to interface other applications with the Apple / KeySpan remote controls, and they published a developers kit with which you can extend their system. I wrote an extension for the system that lets you control netTunes. Now you can use your remote control on your desktop to control a remote copy of iTunes! Perfect!

Download IOSpirit's Remote Buddy here.
Download the netTunes extension here.

The Remote Buddy system + my netTunes extension gives you the following functionality from your remote control:

* Play / Pause
* Skip forward
* Fast forward
* Skip backward
* Rewind
* Increase volume
* Decrease volume
* Show / hide server list
* Show / hide remote window

Comments are always welcome. A future version may allow you to choose different servers with the remote control as well.

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