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yuk 04-28-2006 04:20 AM

Backup to a specific folder
Hi all!
Is this possible to backup my Mac's drive to a specific folder in my USB hard drive?

Mac's hard drive is 80GB and the USB drive is 250BG, so I want to create to the USB HD 3 folders and backup my system each day to a different one, so I can have at least a 2 days old backup.

I' ll be glad if someone have a solution to this or may I ask this as a feature request in some SuperDuper!'s future version?

dnanian 04-28-2006 08:31 AM

You can, "Yuk". Just use a sparse image, and store the sparse image in the folder. See the User's Guide (Help > User's Guide) chapter "Storing a backup alongside other files on a destination volume" for more info.

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