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jettrue 09-17-2005 04:59 PM

My mind is boggling... confirming what's rolling around in my head...
OK, for some reason, some of this is hard for me to wrap my mind around. I'm not a very visual person, and trying to visualize what I'm doing to all my data is confusing me, LOL. I'm trying to make sure I'm backup up everything I need, without creating too many copies of things, and keeping things sync'd.

OK, so I've created a full backup in my external drive, on one partition. I've also created my safety clone, on a different partition, and have booted from the clone.

When setting up my original partitions on this external drive, I also set up a third partition called "Data". This contains all of my graphics work I've done over the past 4 years, it's stuff I always want to have. It also contains other important data I want to keep.

What I did with this data when I was using my Windows system, was saved it all in a briefcase file on my desktop, which I regularly synced with both my second pc and 5 zip disks. One of those zip disks held my most recent work, so it was a fairly quick way to have my most important data in 3 places, one being a hard copy.

Now I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle these files. I'm thinking of kind of replicating that system in a way, but I will no longer use the zip drive.

I can have a folder on my desktop that is basically a copy of the "Data" drive. This would get backed up regularly when I set up the automated backup system for my original HD. In that case it will get saved in three places... my desktop on my internal hard drive, in my external backup partition, and on the data partition. I guess the data partition is pointless and redundant, since it is on the same drive, just on a different partition. It's not really a third copy, since if that drive fails, all three partitions are gone. I guess I'm realizing that maybe a third copy just really isn't necessary, and keeping all three synced would be a PITB? Actually I really just need to sync the recent work folder, since the old stuff will always stay the same. Is there not a mac equivalent to Windows' briefcase?
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dnanian 09-17-2005 07:07 PM

To back it up, you'd want to create another destination partition for it. But, as you said, I don't know why you've even got this partition. It's not "Safer" because it's on the same device -- I'd just store this stuff in your Documents folder in your Home...

jettrue 09-18-2005 12:14 PM

Thanks Dave... I just needed to really sit down and re-evaluate my data. My plan is to keep that "Data" partition, but on it will only be the older data that won't be regularly added to. That older data will also be stored on a DVD as a hard copy.

The new graphics data and folders I add to regularly will reside in a folder on my desktop, which will be on my internal drive, and regularly backed up to my backup partition.

I have a question about automated backups though. Let's say I set it to run at 2am, and my computer is asleep. Will the ical alarm wake it up to run? Also, let's say I left the computer with 8 applications open. Will that cause problems for the backup?

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dnanian 09-18-2005 12:18 PM

The computer won't wake unless you tell it to -- you can use the Energy Saver preference pane to do that.

Regarding apps -- it shouldn't be a problem because they'll all be idle/unused.

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