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HDH607 09-10-2008 08:11 AM

Can't boot from SuperDuper clone HD.
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I've backed up my HD with SuperDuper! using smart update. I've successfully booted from the clone HD (a 250GB Lacie - always using FW400) created using SuperDuper! with my won computer (macbook 2GHz 1G RAM 100GB HD running 10.4.11)

HOWEVER, my MacBook has to go in for service (the DVD won't eject - it gets jammed coming out). I did an update with SuperDuper! and then tried to boot from the superduper clone HD using my work computer (MacBook Pro 2.2GHz 2GB RAM 120HD running 10.5.4)

NO GO! :mad:

Why? I've attached the problem report I get when I restart my work Macbook Pro. what happens is that I hold the option key down while staring the computer. Then I select the SuperDuper clone HD to boot from, it starts to boot then the screen flashed and a messages comes up saying that I need to restart the computer. Once I restart the computer, without holding down the option key, then the attached problem report comes up.

is it that i used superduper to back up my computer with 10.4.11 and i'm trying to boot from a computer with leopard?

what can i do to fix this and boot from my work computer - macbook pro - so i can access the clone HD and word off of that one while the macbook is in the shop.


dnanian 09-10-2008 08:50 AM

You've sent this in to support, but to repeat here:

The problem is that you're trying to boot a Mac from a version of OSX that doesn't support it. In general, you cannot start up a 'new' mac from a version of OSX that was released before the Mac was.

OSX is great because a given version of OSX is 'universally' compatible with Macs that were released at the time of the OSX version. But new Macs often come with new chips, display devices, etc that are not recognized or supported by earlier version of OSX.

You can fix this by doing a Leopard upgrade to the backup, although that might not be what you want to do... you can also start up from your Leopard install and access your files on the backup (but not run from it).

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