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bill s 01-16-2005 07:57 AM

My drive is/was the Maxtor 250GB 7Y250M0. Apple replaced it with an identical unit which tetsed perfectly, after I installed it, using the Apple Hardware Test Disk. I'm using an OWC 160 GB external FW drive for my SD backup/sandbox partitions. I follow Dave's instructions pretty explicitly for the day to day backup operations and booting from sandbox.
Hopefully the old HD was the source of my problems. I should know better if I don't run into problems again foe a couple of weeks or so.

bill s 01-23-2005 10:30 AM

Got a new drive and installed it 12 days ago. Everything seems 100% to date. Thanks.
I do have a dumb question now. I've been running OS 10.3.6 and am considering upgrading to 10.3.7. I want to do it as you've described, install it on "sandbox" until I'm sure it's not causing any problems. However, my backup & sandbox volumes are on an external FW drive. The instructions for installing 10.3.7 specifically state that external FW drives should be disconnected during installation. Some catch 22! What do you suggest?
Thanks for your help.


dnanian 01-23-2005 11:40 AM

A definitely dilemma. The only thing I can suggest is to use the procedure in the Appendix (or iPartition) to put the Safety Clone on the internal drive.

Of course: the potential failure here would, at worst, do something to the FireWire drive. As such, your internal drive would be OK, and you could boot right back to it in case of trouble... it might be worth a try to the FW drive.

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