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rmcellig 01-26-2008 03:28 PM

cloning drive
My brother in law just sold his Mac Mini and will be getting a new iMac next week. Hi Mac Mini drive has a VMWare Fusion partition. How can he clone his entire drive to an external drive including the VMWare partition? I don't think that Superduper can do this because it cannot recognize a PC volume (I think). What is the best strategy so that he can bring all his data over from the Mac Mini to his new iMac?

He has to back up his Mac Mini to an external drive because the person who bought his Mini will be picking it up today.



dnanian 01-26-2008 03:29 PM

Maybe this article will help, Randy:

justflybob 01-26-2008 07:59 PM

Not to butt in where I really wasn't asked, but that article about cloning may in fact confuse the issue. If you don't have a BootCamp partition (and I'm guessing you don't as VMware Fusion doesn't require one) then just do a clone of the entire Mac OS X drive with SD! It will clone the VMware Fusion partition as well.

I didn't even know about SD! until after I had installed first Parallels (ugh) and then VMware Fusion (yeah!) and SD! will clone the VMware Fusion partition just fine.

I would recommend reinstalling the VMware Tools in Fusion when you fire it up after you clone to the iMac though, just to be sure your not subject to any iMac vs. Mac Mini differences. You may also experience some speed issues at first, but this is normal. VMware Fusion needs to know what system AND Mac it is running on before it will run at optimal speed.

dnanian 01-27-2008 10:55 AM

I suggested that article in case "partition", in the message, meant "partition" (e.g. BootCamp in use by Parallels or VMWare), as opposed to a VMWare or Parallels volume stored on your regular HFS+ volume.

justflybob 01-27-2008 05:01 PM

My bad. And I would agree that the two terms get tossed around too much as the same thing.

VMware Fusion creates a volume on the OS X HFS+ drive where Windows can be installed.

Windows (in my case XP Pro SP2) calls this volume that VMware Fusion created a partition.

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