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frankydi 04-13-2006 01:34 AM

SuperDuper won't backup all files.
After sucessfully and happily using SD for months, I suddely find that it will not back up all files to other volumes. The backup is not complete whether I use Smart Update or Erase ... then copy. The target volume will boot but it looks nothing like the original. It also contains an alias folder identified by a number like 67D3EDA0-65C5-48FCBBBAF7EDA0694CEF-298-00000000C8458E6D or some other long number. The application had been operating satisfactorily before. I am not able to run SuperDuper on the target disk. Safari will run but all bookmarks are gone. I have sent the log of a scheduled but incomplete backup.

dnanian 04-13-2006 09:27 AM

Frank: I've responded to the two support email messages you've already sent. Once we've figured out what's going on, feel free to post a summary up here.

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