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cazuaga@hotmail 02-27-2007 05:27 AM

General Questions. Please save a novice.. & thank u.
I'm using imac G4 / 800MHz OS 10.4.8. Backing up to USB2.0 external.
1) Due to my machine and the USB, I can expect slow backing up procdure?
2) Once first backup is complete, backup time will be quicker using 'smart backup' instead of 'copy all files'?
3) Hide backup in spotlight pref. as it slows down process and is useless on backup volume anyway?
4) If I already did full backup without hiding it from spotlight. Any reason to erase and do another full backup with drive hidden?

5) I am (novice) concerned about backup drive not being exactly the same size as my original. Here is specific info:

A) 335,993 files evaluated, 308,760 files copied
1. (27,173 files evaluated but not copied)?
2. (From within Disc Utility, shows backup as having 335,796 files. So.. SD
shows me *1 amount of files evaluated, *1 amount of files copied and I see
another completely different number of files for the backup drive in disc utility.)?
3. Original drive used space = 48.39 GB, 51,960,209,408 bytes
Backup drive used space = 48.01 GB, 51,551,531,008 bytes

B) (.98MB/s = isn't that pathetically slow and cause for concern?)

6) Backup Drive partinioning = Partition Scheme : Apple Partition Map
Is that wrong?

dnanian 02-27-2007 09:24 AM

The iMac G4 doesn't have USB 2, so your backup is running at USB 1 speeds: you really should get a FireWire drive.

The count of files is going to constantly vary. The figure we provide is directly from the OS. It's quite possible you have some old "failed" drive copies in the hidden /Volumes folder -- use Finder's "Go To Folder" command and look for folders (NOT links or aliases) in there.

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