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sdsl 12-19-2021 09:44 PM

Using SuperDuper with Monterey
I just upgraded a 2019 Macbook Pro from Catalina to Monterey. I read the blog for instructions on clones under Monterey, which is a little different than under Catalina.

I erased the target (backup) drive with Disk Utility to make it APFS. Then ran SuperDuper with Erase then Copy, which appeared to make a clone that looked correct. But noticed two things:

(1) the log indicated

| 01:42:25 PM | Info | Finished erase
| 01:42:26 PM | Info | PHASE: 2. Copy Files
| 01:42:26 PM | Info | ...ACTION: Copying files from Macintosh HD to MacBookProClone19Dec2021
| 01:42:27 PM | Info | ......COMMAND => Replicating Macintosh HD to MacBookProClone19Dec2021
| 01:42:27 PM | Info | Initializing
| 01:42:27 PM | Info | Validating target...done
| 01:42:39 PM | Info | Validating source...done
| 01:42:40 PM | Info | Replicating System Volume
| 01:43:30 PM | Info | Completed System Volume replication. Copied 322.95 GB
| 01:43:44 PM | Info | Replicating Data Volume
| 01:58:28 PM | Info | Completed Data Volume replication. Copied 322.95 GB
| 01:58:28 PM | Info | Finalizing

The System Volume was actually about 16 GB and the cloned copy also showed up as 16 GB when viewed in Disk Utility, so the copy looked correct but the log above said it copied the System Volume as 322.95 GB, but that is actually the size of the Data Volume not the System Volume.

(2) After the clone (under Monterey) was done, in the Sidebar the clone showed up as an ejectable external drive with the same name as the source (Macintosh HD) but Disk Utility showed the correct clone name.

Should I be concerned, or maybe redo the clone? I checked the log carefully and there was no indication of any errors of any sort, everything in the log indicated that the clone worked properly.

sdsl 12-19-2021 11:26 PM

P.S. I should add that after ejecting the clone and remounting it, the clone appears in the sidebar with the proper name. Disk Utility also shows that the original targets (Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD - Data) match their respective clones in size.

dnanian 12-20-2021 08:15 AM

This all looks OK. As you might expect, macOS has some bugs in this area, and while some give annoying errors as explained in the blog, some are visual, as you're seeing. We've tried to work around as many of them as possible with strategic unmounts/mounts.

The sizes are coming from the OS's tool status and it's wrong - they give the totals when they shouldn't. This they broke between Big Sur and Monterey.

In other words, it's always something...

sdsl 12-21-2021 10:23 PM

Thanks for the clarification. What you say makes sense because when running SuperDuper under Catalina the sizes of the "system" and the "data" portions of the copy were shown properly.

I like the outcome here for SuperDuper options under Big Sur and Monterey. One need not update the "system" volume at all, so smart update simply updates the "data" part of the clone, unless one wants to update the system portion as well, in which case one does an erase and copy all. In fact since I am using SSDs now for the external backup drives, my erase and copy all only takes ~ 15 min (300 GB to be cloned), the smart update typically is 5-10 minutes, so the two approaches are both quite fast!

dnanian 12-22-2021 07:43 AM

Yup. We considered a separate setting for the subvolume selection, but this felt like it made the most sense and would generate the least confusion.

mikebore 02-04-2022 07:51 AM


Originally Posted by dnanian (Post 34996)
Yup. We considered a separate setting for the subvolume selection, but this felt like it made the most sense and would generate the least confusion.

If I am understanding this thread correctly, I am confused!

Is it correct that "Backup-user files" will make an exact copy of the -Data volume, which could then be used as a migration source after erase/install?

This is not what the words in the 'What's going to happen window' imply to me, which says "Only the User folder on xxxxx will be copied to yyyyy. All other directories and files will not be copied"

The -Data volume is not the same as the User directory.

Which is the correct setting to achieve an exact copy of the -Data volume?

Thanks very much.

dnanian 02-04-2022 07:53 AM

No. "Backup - user files" will make a copy of only the /Users folder. "Backup - all files" with "Smart Update" copies the Data volume.

mikebore 02-04-2022 08:24 AM

Thanks very much for quick reply...all clear.

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