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lonewolf2222 08-24-2006 12:01 AM

Setup Leopard & Tiger to use same home folder

I would like to ask if there is a way I can use SD to "safely" do this.

- install Leopard on an external FW drive
- i have Tiger running on internal drive of my MBP
- i want to have Leopard use my Home folder located in the internal
- so I can boot up either Leopard or Tiger to do my work and have
all my documents, mails, bookmarks etc consistent between the two

Can SD safetly clone feature be tweaked to not do the clone but just
have the OS'es share the home folders?

If not, is syncing home folders between Leopard and Tiger safe?

dnanian 08-24-2006 07:34 AM

That's what the Sandbox is all about, lonewolf...

lonewolf2222 08-27-2006 07:40 AM

Dave, but if i use Sandbox feature, the Tiger OS from my internal drive will be cloned to the external FW drive. I want to run Leopard on the FW drive not Tiger. Is this possible?

dnanian 08-29-2006 05:26 PM

You'd update the Tiger on sandbox to Leopard using its disc.

StevenHF 09-02-2006 01:35 AM

Sandbox with Leopard
I'm jumping into this conversation. Please pardon me. Are you saying that you first create the Sandbox. as usual, & then use Leopard disk to upgrade OS X every time the Sandbox is "SmartUpdated"?

dnanian 09-02-2006 09:56 AM

That's right, as you would with any OS update.

Please pay close attention to the various caveats that come along with Leopard. I can't discuss them, but you should read the material you have.

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