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JAC II 05-13-2005 11:29 PM

"Home" folder for user "XXX" cannot be found in the usual place.
My mother in Ireland has a 500mhz iMac running 10.3.4. I had her buy Superduper and a LaCie 120 gig hard drive which I partitioned into two volumes using disk utility. I did this so my mother could back up her iMac and my father could back up his 14 inch iBook, each to their own part of the partition. I named one partition "Rick's Back Up Hard Drive" and the other "Marcia's Back Up Hard Drive". They have both been backing up their harddrives to the LaCie with Superduper and haven't had any problems.

My mother is coming back to the US for about a month and a half and will keep doing so every 2-3 months. I gave her my old 12 inch 600 mhz ibook so that when she comes back to the US she can use that while she is here. But when she is in Ireland she prefers to use the iMac. So today via phone call I had her back up her iMac to the partition "Marcia's Back Up Hard Drive" on the LaCie using the Saftey clone script. I then told her to connect the LaCie to the iBook, and go to System Preferences>Start up disk and chose the 10.3.4 system on "Marcia's Back Up Hard Drive" and restart. I then figured I could have her clone the "Marcia's Back Up Hard Drive" to the ibook and she would have all her iMac info and files on the iBook while she was here in the US, and when she went back to Ireland she could reverse the operation and have all of the latest information on the iBook put back on the iMac.

When she restarted (or tried to) from the LaCie, she got this message

The "Home" folder for user "mccnh" cannot be found in the usual place.

The "Home" or "users" folder may have been moved or deleted. If "Home" is located on the network, the server may be temporarily unavailable. If you continue to have problems, see your system administrator.


Several questions:

1) Should I have her booting up from the LaCie to try and copy her system to the iBook, or should she be starting up the ibook and doing it from that? ( I don't think so, because it doesn't make sense to be trying to copy to a disk that is currently running the computer)

2) Am I doing something I shouldn't be? Are there hardware limitations here?

3) Should the name of the LaCie be the same as the iBook hard drive? (I read in another thread that both drives should be named the same)

Any help would be appreciated.


dnanian 05-14-2005 12:08 AM

The basic problem here is that you should be using "Backup - all files", not one of the Safety Clone scripts.

The Safety Clone is a way of creating a Sandbox: an isolated system you can play with without damaging your main drive. But it doesn't include any user files.

If you use the Backup script, I think this'll work fine. Have her boot from the External... and as long as the internal is not named the same as your original internal, you should be fine

Hope that helps!

JAC II 05-16-2005 11:41 AM

Thanks !!!

You were correct. I was under the impression that the Safety clone script was the same as the backup script, only faster because it would only update files that had been changed. I didn't quite get the "sandbox" idea until now - it's good to know the difference.

Thanks again - and for the quick reply !!! Are you on 24 hours a day???

Very impressive.



dnanian 05-16-2005 12:07 PM

Thanks, JAC II -- happy to help. It feels like I'm on 24 hours a day, sometimes.. :)

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