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barrymcw 02-07-2007 01:43 AM

Simple question about copying folders, not full backups
I think this has been addressed, but I'd just like someone to tell me that I'm not crazy before I start backing stuff up.

Assuming that I've already made a bootable copy of my HD, now I want to make a series of backups of certain folders to different external drives, depending on what's in the folders.

Each script I would write would be:

Ignore *
Ignore .*
Copy Users/etc/etc/etc (the "etc" being the specific folder in question. One script per folder)

Is that correct?

I started one backup like this, using the Copy New Files option, because the drive I want to backup to has data already on it. This option will not delete anything from the destination drive, right?

I canceled this backup because in the process window that opens, in the third step of the copying process, it said that it was going to make the destination drive bootable (I think that's what it said. I got scared and killed the backup).

With the options I've selected, it won't really make the destination drive bootable, will it? It can't, if it's not copying any system files, as far as I know.

Thanks much for taking the time to read this and for the app. I bought it after hearing many, many recommendations and I'm looking forward to feeling secure about my stuff.


dnanian 02-07-2007 09:55 AM

Instead of adding the explicit ignores there, just include the "Exclude all files" script in the 2nd tab. It's easier.

Copy Newer is what to use (or copy different). Don't worry about the "Make bootable" option. It doesn't hurt anything, and is just a step that we take in case it needs to be done.

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