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glen 06-28-2011 05:02 PM

Sharing Scripts accross Multiple Drives
Hi there,

Would really appreciate advice on best practice / workflow for making multiple backups of my Macbook HD.

I am presently running 2 scripts each week, one that creates a bootable disk and the other that copies user files to an external (2 partition) Firewire drive. I would now like to make a duplicate of this external drive to store off site.

I know this is a very common question so apologies.

My thoughts.......I tried to name the second firewire drive the same as the first so I could run the same scripts but Superduper couldn't locate the destination volume. Is there a way to use the same script for multiple drives?

I also wondered about trying to understand how to get SUPERDUPER to do a straight clone from one external drive to the other but my Computer only has one Firewire port.

As it stands I can only think that I should use seperate scripts for each external drive? Not sure how to copy scripts, would I simply make a copy in Finder then edit the copy from within SUPERDUPER to point at the new external drive?

Ramble over.....hope to hear from someone much more knowledgeable than myself soon.


dnanian 06-28-2011 05:17 PM

You'd just use "Backup - all files", actually, for each partition, as the script. You can't use the same saved settings, because the drives are different, but you can set up two schedules, one for each source to its destination, that would run on connect...

glen 06-29-2011 06:07 PM

Thankyou once again fro your super quick response.

I am slowly coming round to the idea of not only storing my photographs on one of the external drives but also working from it directly which effects my understanding of a safe way to proceed. Your comments are much appreciated combined with an idea I had today to connect the 2 drives together (daisy chain?) and was very happy to see superduper working well with this setup.

Thank you again.


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