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ynot 06-02-2006 04:15 AM

Nothing happens when i press Copy ! :(
Hi guys, i am new to SuperDuper but everyone tells me its the best for backups ! I downloaded the latest version for my MacBookPro, it sees my external disk, but when i press copy nothing happens... Help ?? :(
thanks a lot !

dnanian 06-02-2006 08:13 AM

That's strange. Open the "Console" application, clear it, then try again. Do you get any diagnostics in Console?

ynot 06-02-2006 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by dnanian
That's strange. Open the "Console" application, clear it, then try again. Do you get any diagnostics in Console?

Thanks, here is what i have in the console :
Tracker: Unrecognized host ( Please go to to sign-up or login.

what is that ?

should i repair permissions as well ? How do i do that ?
thanks a lot for your help

dnanian 06-02-2006 12:08 PM

That's what you get when you start SuperDuper and press "Copy Now"? That looks to me like it's part of a Torrent you're downloading.

I suppose I'd suggest re-downloading and installing SuperDuper. Delete the copy you have now.

ynot 06-02-2006 12:20 PM

Thanks, i am gonna try that now.

ynot 06-02-2006 12:22 PM

2006-06-02 17:21:23.567 SuperDuper![299] Unable to launch SDAgent, error code=-60008

that's what i get when i run SuperDuper.

dnanian 06-02-2006 12:29 PM

It sounds like it's misinstalled or damaged... is this installed in your /Applications folder?

ynot 06-02-2006 12:30 PM

no it's on my desktop. Should i re download another version and install it in the application folder ?
i am using a MacBookPro if it makes a difference.

By the way, how do i repair permissions ?
Thanks a lot !

dnanian 06-02-2006 12:36 PM

I'd re-download and install in /Applications, yes. There's no need to repair permissions right now, so don't do that: this isn't a permission issue.

ynot 06-02-2006 01:02 PM

Great ! It works now ! thank you for your support !
Now a little tip. Is it ok to do a full back up while working on my MBP ? or is it really better to do it at night ?


dnanian 06-02-2006 01:07 PM

That depends entirely on what you're doing. If you're doing "general" things, without a lot of disk I/O, it's OK to work while backing up. If you're downloading files, recording video or the like, it'll cause problems.

ynot 06-03-2006 08:08 AM

working great ! Thanks for your help. Great Software. ! :)

lucy 07-09-2006 12:43 AM

I have a similar problem
I just bought and installed SD and cannot get past the main dialog box. The buttons at the bottom of the box are grayed out! Options, Schedule and Copy Now are disabled. Any help? Lucy

dnanian 07-09-2006 12:54 AM

Please try removing the "SuperDuper!" folder in Library/Application Support off your Home folder... that should do it.

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