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dariusp 12-06-2007 03:23 AM

Can I use the current version of SD to 'migrate' to Leopard?
I moved to Leopard the first day it came out... and then moved back to Tiger a few days afterwards when I realised so many of the programs use daily did not work! Thanks to my SD backup of Tiger, this was painless.

Since then, I have built Leopard on an external partition and been trying out fixes for my apps as they are released. I now have a version of Leopard with all my apps loaded and working, so would like to move this over to my internal HDD.

I don't understand the nuances of the complexities Leopard has introduced with regard to cloning. If I boot into my external instance of Tiger, and given Time Machine is not enabled on my instance of Leopard, is the current version of SD capable of safely cloning my external instance of Leopard onto my internal HDD? I'm desperate to start using Leopard having had a few days taster but I want a stable system so will wait if there are likely to be complications (especially those that appear days or months later!)

Any advice greatly appreciated.

dnanian 12-06-2007 08:15 AM

No: SD! can't be used to copy Leopard in a way that reliably makes it bootable.

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