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shjohnson 08-17-2004 06:12 PM

No Blessing message
I've just run a backup-user files operation. Just before it finished, it
came up with a message that said it was unable to bless the destination
image or something to that effect. Now in the SuperDuper! window it
says "an error occurred that halted execution." I had it create a log that
says it successfully blessed Mac OS X folder on BackUp HD 1, so I'm
not sure how to proceed at this point. I also had SuperDuper repair permissions before it copied any files, if that helps. I'm on a dual 2.0 G5, currently running 10.3.3. Maybe I should try again? Thanks for any help on this.


dnanian 08-17-2004 06:30 PM

Scott --

Could you send your SuperDuper!.log -- found off your home in Library/Logs -- to support -at- I'll take a look at it, and see what the error was.

shjohnson 08-17-2004 07:21 PM

No Blessing Update
I ran the script again using Backup- all files this time, and everything
seems to be fine with a successful blessing. I think the current log deleted the previous "no blessing" log. I can send you this current log if you
like(unless you know how to restore or find a previous log), but other wise I think we're ok right now. Thanks for your response,


dnanian 08-17-2004 10:12 PM

Actually, the logs get appended, so the whole thing would be useful for figuring out what happened...

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