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Jyakku 11-05-2005 04:00 AM

icudt26b.dat halts backup
I get the following report after the backup is halted:

|05:38:06 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Cloning Sayuri's Macintosh HD to Sayuri iMac Backup
|05:38:06 PM|Info| Copying all files using script: /Applications/SuperDuper/SuperDuper!.app/Contents/Resources/Copy Scripts/Backup - all files.dset
|05:38:07 PM|Info| Loading 19 commands from copy script /Applications/SuperDuper/SuperDuper!.app/Contents/Resources/Copy Scripts/Exclude system temporary files.dset
|05:38:07 PM|Info| Loading 1 commands from copy script /Applications/SuperDuper/SuperDuper!.app/Contents/Resources/Copy Scripts/Exclude Norton FileSaver files.dset
|05:38:07 PM|Info| Loading 2 commands from copy script /Applications/SuperDuper/SuperDuper!.app/Contents/Resources/Copy Scripts/Backup - all files.dset
|05:38:07 PM|Info| Copy script command hash contains 129 commands
|05:43:37 PM|Info| Ignoring /.Trashes
|05:43:37 PM|Info| Ignoring /.vol
|05:48:10 PM|Info| Ignoring /Volumes/Misc Storage
|05:48:10 PM|Info| Ignoring /Volumes/Sayuri iMac Backup
|05:48:10 PM|Info| Ignoring /Volumes/Audio CD
|05:48:10 PM|Info| Ignoring /Volumes/Sayuri's Macintosh HD
|05:48:10 PM|Info| WARNING: Caught I/O exception(5): Input/output error
|05:48:11 PM|Info| WARNING: Source: /usr/share/icu/icudt26b.dat, lstat(): 0
|05:48:11 PM|Info| WARNING: Target: /Volumes/Sayuri iMac Backup/usr/share/icu/icudt26b.dat, lstat(): 0
|05:48:11 PM|Info| Logging attributes for item: /usr/share/icu/icudt26b.dat of type: 8
|05:48:11 PM|Info| Type:
|05:48:11 PM|Info| Creator:
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kIsOnDesk: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kColor: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kIsShared: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kHasNoINITs: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kHasBeenInited: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kHasCustomIcon: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kIsStationery: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kNameLocked: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kHasBundle: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kIsInvisible: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Info| kIsAlias: NO
|05:48:11 PM|Error| SVUclone: Error: Couldn't create

What should I do to correct this?

dnanian 11-05-2005 09:58 AM

The problem here seems to be that one of the files in your /usr/share/icu folder -- icudt26b.dat -- is on a "bad spot" on your drive, and can't be copied. It's a rather large file, at around 9MB.

What I'd suggest, given the fact that it's a system file, is to perform an "archive-and-install" of OSX over your existing system. When done, make sure all is OK (it should be), and then remove the "Previous Systems" folder in the root of the boot drive. Then, empty your trash and try it again.

This should resolve the problem. Let me know!

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