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Kathleen 10-04-2005 02:29 PM

Copy Newer? or Copy Different?
I am trying to sort through this manual! I am not a computer person but NEED a computer back up and recovery solution to protect my assets!

If I have for example 10,000 or more photographs w/ each photo having a numbering scheme such as:

2005-10-04-001.tif -or- .psd

will Super Duper decide 2 of these should be erased?

I normally keep an Original, a Master Layered Copy, and several jpg's for different uses such as web, print (one for each size) iLife Projects etc...

I like to keep the "scheme" for cataloging but need to clear my original hard drive and store these on an external drive.

I just bought 2 OWC 400GB Drives for my iMac G5 so I can alternate a daily back-up.

So, now what? Copy Newer? Copy Different?

Or - could I just do a 2 Partition with a 25GB Safety Clone and just keep "Dragging & Dropping" new photos into the other Partition?

I have a PowerBook for Administrative Tasks. My iMac is for Photos & Video Only and never anything else.

I hope I've asked this in a sensible way so you can help me understand what I need to do to preserve my digital assets without any erasures for different file extensions.

Thanks! :confused:

dnanian 10-04-2005 02:45 PM

Kathleen --

Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately, I'm a bit confused by your message, so bear with me.

SuperDuper! doesn't care what the filenames are, as long as they're different. The extension is part of the filename. So, it won't delete things or overwrite them as long as the names are different -- as these all are.

You'd want to use "Smart Update" to update the backup -- but you must understand that it'll MIRROR what's selected from the source. You should use "Backup - all files" as the script, not Safety Clone, which is totally different.

If you remove things from the source drive, and Smart Update, those files will be removed from the destination. So, we're not "archiving" things, as such -- we're mirroring the source.

If you use "Copy Newer" or "Copy Different", files on the destination won't be deleted. But, it also won't be an exact copy, and won't necessarily be bootable.

Does that help?

Kathleen 10-04-2005 03:10 PM

Thanks Dave!

Great to hear that extensions will be considered part of the file name. I wasn't sure about that.

I don't have a grasp of computer speak yet so bear with me here.

If I take a 400GB Hard Drive & create 2 Partitions.

Partition 1: Safety Clone 25GB
Partition 2: Back Up: ALL FILES 350GB or so...

Should I just drag and drop my photo files in the Pictures Folder on "Partition 2" at the end of the day every day since that is all I use it for?

Can I then delete them off of my original computers hard drive once I verify they transferred correctly?

I plan on having 2 identical Hard Drives for this one computer. "Double Insurance".

dnanian 10-04-2005 03:28 PM

A few things.

First, are you sure you want to use (and understand) the Safety Clone? If not, while you can create a partition for it, let's concentrate on your backups first, and move to that later.

The 2nd partition -- the backup -- you wouldn't do with Drag and Drop. You'd use SuperDuper! to copy from your boot volume to the partition, using "Backup - all files" and "Smart Update". That'd copy all new files to the drive automatically.

BUT, it will also erase any files that were removed. So, if you delete them off the original drive, they'll be deleted from the backup the next time around.

If you don't want to that to happen, you'd use "Copy Different" or "Copy Newer" (probably copy different). BUT, again, that won't ever delete anything, and your drive can fill...

Kathleen 10-04-2005 03:35 PM

Whew!!! By George - I do think I am getting this!!! Thanks for bearing with me here Dave!!!

So, if the only thing that changes is "new and different" pictures, I can use SuperDuper and "Copy Different" at the end of each day and it will just add my new photos if that is all that has changed? Yes, it will fill up and that for me is a "good thing"!

That makes sense!

dnanian 10-04-2005 03:44 PM

It'll add the new photos and update any photos you've changed, too.

Remember, too, that renaming a file will look like a new file. Same goes for Folders...

Kathleen 10-04-2005 04:48 PM

Thanks Again,

I had my husband read the manual too re: Back-Ups and he thinks I should use Copy Newer.

So, for example: If I have a .nef file and I change the white balance and save under the same file name, SuperDuper will delete the file with the old white balance and replace it with the file containing the new white balance data etc ...

So, each extension will be there in it's newest form.

I think that's correct?

I'm just wanting to understand consequesnces BEFORE I take ACTION! :confused:

Also, before I actually paritition the drive - I am thinking 350GB for data and 50GB for "OS & Applications Only" including all of my Utilities (Emergency) Software. I saw a thread on this "Script". Ugh! I have never written a script before but I suppose it's time to learn.

Maybe I'm just having a DUH sort of Day! :eek:

I am also thinking I should do a 3rd partition for the Safety Clone? Perhaps? How big should that be? 10GB?

I am guessing.

I live in a Rural Area and work by myself so I have no "Real World" computer experience! I am trying to teach myself and not doing very well!

I am wondering if I should just go back to film and a wet dark room! :D KIDDING!!! ;) This computer stuff is hard and my brain is rusty!

dnanian 10-04-2005 05:55 PM

I think he's probably not right! :) Copy Different is a *superset* of Copy Newer (and is, in fact, what "Smart Update" uses -- it's more "Copy Different with Delete").

You can't really have an "OS And Applications Only" copy, because you need at least *some* user files. But you could use a Safety Clone, depending: what are you going to use this for?

(Copy Scripts aren't really scripts at all, and are quite easy. Look at the ones we provide as examples. For example, look at "Backup - user files". Not too hard!)

Kathleen 10-04-2005 06:16 PM

Okay, Copy Different it is then!!! :D

I apologize for my ignorance Dave! I am feeling so STUPID and I've been working all day on this! :( I suppose I am a slow yet thorough learner? :confused: I'd like to think that! :D

Once I get it - I've GOT IT!!!! It just takes me longer to get there! :D I know! You ought to charge me Extra just for the Support I've gotten today! I'm going to make some supper and try again tomorrow.

Thank You Again for EXCELLENT SUPPORT while I figure out how to use this new program. :)

ps: Let's not tell him he was wrong! He's uses a PC - and he's not very good at that either!!!!! :( Computers are not our thing - but if you want a quart of Apple Butter send me you address and I'll mail you a quart! :) We're both driving blind in this virtual world - but it sure has opened up a lot of possiblities for me!!! ;) People are actually giving me $$$$ for my pictures!!!! I've been a stay at home Mom on allowance for 26 years and I need to protect my new assets!!! :D

dnanian 10-04-2005 06:20 PM

Don't feel stupid. It's better to be right and comfortable than fast and wrong!

Kathleen 10-04-2005 06:59 PM

Thanks for your patience Dave! I Truly appreciate it!!! I think - since I'm more Visual - I should just try a Back Up and then change one file and note it - Back it up again per your instruction book - *SEE* what it does - then go from there.

I suppose I'm just so back woods compared to most of you folks. :o

dnanian 10-04-2005 07:28 PM

No need to feel that way. Take a look at what it does. Remember that Finder doesn't always refresh when programs copy "behind its back", so you should probably log in and out of your account before examining.

RichardRipley 10-05-2005 01:38 AM

Superlative support!
Dave and Kathleen:

Not to sound too squishy about your posts here but I find the whole thread inspirational. What strikes me is your patience Dave and your willingness to learn Kathleen. SuperDuper! is a great piece of software but what makes it invaluable is Dave's support - clear, fair and intellegent. Thanks Dave and Kathleen for the inspiration. BTW, can I have some of that apple butter? Just kidding - ;)

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