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OneMatchFire 07-18-2005 02:23 AM

Restored version fails to get to boot up
Hi Dave,

I restored a clean 10.3 install on a powerbook with my Backup Clone that was on a remote HD.

The restores finished and I saw my apps and other files were now on my powerbook.

Then I restarted the powerbook and it fails to finish booting up in regular or safe mode. It appears to hang while trying to start Apple File Service, then says Starting Login Win which is where it hangs until it goes to a blue screen.

I can do a single user login, but wish I knew what the prob was. Should I have restored the Safety Clone as well? or ????

Is this because I gave a different user name for my new version of 10.3 then was on my BackupClone I restored from?


OneMatchFire 07-18-2005 03:24 AM

When I saw my desktop boot up I almost cried. :D :p :D

Here's how I got it back.

Guessing the fact I gave a new user name on the new install I blew away my netInfo db (after making a copy), deleted the .AppleSetupDone file and rebooted. There I got the Welcome to apple intro (I've filled in 20x in the last 4 days) and gave my original username. Then my machine came back as it was before I lost my OS. So pleased.

Here are some lessons learned:

*Get a remote hard drive you can boot from. When I bought SD I had no idea that all remote HD's weren't bootable. My Fantom isn't. I will buy one that is . :(

*If restore fails when using Disk Util on the Apple restore DVD, try restoring using Disk Util on the re-insatlled OS on your machine. :cool:

*When you create your login info the first time your new OS install starts, use the same user name that is on your Backup. All kinds of file permision probs will ensue if not. (Here is a helpful page on how to either reenter your user info on an existing OS or how to change user and CHOWN and CHMOD your way back to a single username :cool:

*SD (even with the step rebuild learning curve and weird probs) saved the day and is worth 10x the price! Thanks Dave.

dnanian 07-18-2005 09:44 AM

Glad you got this all working! Sorry I wasn't here to help at 3am, but I've got to sleep *sometime*. :)

OneMatchFire 07-18-2005 02:28 PM

Honestly, it made it so much calmer for me knowing that you would read it as soon as you logged in.

5 out of 5 stars for customer service

dnanian 07-18-2005 02:33 PM

Thanks very much -- I'm glad you find the service to your liking! :)

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