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skellener 09-30-2006 07:08 PM

SD copied - nothing!
I've used SD a few times awhile back. It worked OK before.

I have an external drive I'd like to copy my user files to. I set everything up - erase drive then back up user files. Went through the process - all green check marks. It copies nothing! I can write to the drive just fone from the Finder. What gives?

SuperDuper 2.1.3 (v80)
Mac OSX 10.4.6

Best regards,


dnanian 09-30-2006 10:57 PM

Do you have a /Users folder on "Media HD", Steve? I think you want to use "Backup - all files" in this case.

skellener 10-01-2006 02:28 AM

I will give that a try.

No I do not use a /Users folder on the Media HD. Only the actual users account (steve) is a link. Not the parent. That is still on the main HD. Is there a way to teach Super Duper about this? I wouldn't think it should matter. The Finder knows it's there. I used NetInfo Manager to arrange the account this way. Everything works as it should. I've never had a problem with this set up. I'm pretty much the only user on the machine.

skellener 10-01-2006 03:07 AM

Now I'm completely confused.

I chose "New Copy Script". I added the "Back - up all files" setting, then selected the folder or items I did not wish to copy in the Script Commands area. I went to save and name my script. SuperDuper! will NOT allow me to save this set up into the default scripts area. I saved the script to my desktop instead.

Now when I load the "New Copy Script" it opens just fine. But I do not get to select it in the main SuperDuper! window.

I'm sure this must have been gone over a million times, but it's just not making sense to me. I've followed the steps in the User Guide, but I'm having no luck in using the set up. How do I get the new script into the pull down option of SuperDuper! ??

Best regards,


dnanian 10-01-2006 09:46 AM

Before you make a new script, you really don't need to. Just use "Backup - all files" on your Media HD. It'll back the whole thing up -- isn't that what you want?

(To use scripts, put them in Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Copy Scripts off your Home folder.)

skellener 10-01-2006 02:44 PM

Ahh... Putting the scripts in Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Copy Scripts did the trick.

Thank you Dave!


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