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abegel 10-08-2006 03:37 PM

SmartUpdate backup is GBs bigger than my hard drive!
I use SmartUpdate copy to backup my hard drive to a disk image. I started it last night and noticed this morning that my backup image was 75GB (on a different drive) but my used origin hard drive space is only 50GB. I stopped SuperDuper and checked with OmniDiskSweeper what file was so big in the backup sparse disk image. It was a file that I downloading overnight. For some reason, SuperDuper gets stuck on that file since it continually updates every minute or so and won't move past it.

Is this a bug in SuperDuper? I can stop this particular download, but I know my calendar program continually updates its calender log file overnight as well as other software I've got running. It'd be nice if SuperDuper detected files that had changed since it started copying them and just stopped copying them or left them til later or something...

dnanian 10-08-2006 06:49 PM

This is as documented, and unfortunately is the behavior of all the APIs we use. The file looks larger than it really is, and fills the drive.

For downloads, I'd suggest putting them in a special folder that you ignore in a custom copy script. Most logs aren't updating "often" enough to cause an issue, though...

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