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DaleMeyn 03-23-2006 09:52 PM

Partition Internal HD?
Dave - A few months ago you recommended not partitioning the internal HD, because there was no point storing a backup on it, since if it died, both partitions would go. I agree with that reasoning. However, there is one good reason in my view to partition it: Sandbox works better, faster, when on the internal HD, which is good since it is the normal boot volume. So, I partitioned the internal Hd into 2 partitions, the larger one (127GB) for source volume, the smaller one (25GB) for Sandbox, maybe overkill, since it probably won’t get to much more than 15GB unless OSX starts getting really fat. The external HD is partitioned also, one 127GB volume to backup the source volume, the other what is left over for general storage use. If the internal HD fails, the backup is safe on the external HD. Barring that catastrophe, if the Sandbox is corrupted, I just wipe it clean and make another one from the source volume. To me that makes sense. Dale Meyn.

dnanian 03-23-2006 10:58 PM

Sure. Although it shouldn't work better on the internal (since the head needs to move back and forth a lot to deal with the shared files and the OS files), but if it does for you, there you go!

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