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scutchen 02-22-2008 03:25 PM

Time Machine to an existing SD backup volume?
I am new to Time Machine.

I understand that if I have a Time Machine backup volume that I can use SuperDuper to put a bootable backup on the same drive next to it.

How about the other way around?

Can I use Time Machine to add its files to an existing bootable backup volume and then have Super Duper properly do incremental backups the next time? Will Time Machine simply add its files to the volume? And if so, will SuperDuper leave them the next time I do a SuperDuper backup?

Or, do I need to start from scratch, create a Time Machnie drive first, and THEN add SuperDuper bootable backup files to it?

dnanian 02-22-2008 03:26 PM

Either way works: the two are independent of one another.

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