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joemac 08-05-2008 12:17 AM

hard drive fails, dooooper to the rescue! (caution long post)
hello sd team.

i've been using sd faithfully for about 2 years to clone without knowing IF i'd ever need it.

last night it threw me a curve.

since upgrading to leopard, backups take a LOT longer to do, mostly because of the "repair permissions" stage i think.

2 nights ago the entire process for a 100 gb intel mbp was 90 minutes, 30 of which was the preparing phase.

so last night i decided to run it again, hoping the time would be shorter (1 day interval and NO new files)

BUT after 50 minutes of "repairing" with no stopping in sight, i decided something was funky.

so i aborted the process, shut it down and disconnected the firewire clone drive.

then i turned off the mac and rebooted.

all i got was a grey screen, and that new leopard message superimposed that i "needed to restart",

after 5 restarts the message was the same and starting in 'safe mode' did not work either....

i think this is what happens when a serious kernel conflict develops.

so i booted from the leopard cdisc (start+c) and ran disc utilities to repair disc...NO LUCK repair failed.

WTF my mac is gone crazy!

a trip to the apple store confirmed the 2 year old mbp hd was dead.

after 25 years on the pc platform with never having a disc failure, but that's a nother topic...

---so at this point i tried starting up from the s/d clone drive, (option key+start)

AND I WAS BACK IN ACTION! working from the firewire clone s/d had been faithfully updating.


and really not much slower than the oem internal mac drive.

ok now for my questions relating to getting my data onto a NEW MBP...

apple store personnel strongly suggested i use my time machine backup to transfer my dead drive files, applications, accounts and so on...

basically they suggesting it would be 'safer to use time machine' to transfer everything to the new system.

and the apple genius who suggested i use time machine IS ALSO a regular superduper user and fan, but he's never had to use the restore function either.

the s/d clone and t/m backup are within minutes of each other age wise.

the s/d clone is firewire, while the t/m backup drive is usb...

???ok s/d team WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST???

-i want ALL of my applications, user accounts, files, data, photos, keychains and so on, exactly as before...

-i use a broadband cell card for online connections and don't wanna set it up again...

of course i'd like no gremlins or ghosts from the old, now dead drive, but really don't wanna install every old application again...

day2day my system has been very stable and software very reliable....

however the hard drive, screen, airport card have all died and been replaced once!

THANKS AGAIN SUPERDUPER, now help me with moving to a new machine!


dnanian 08-05-2008 07:15 AM

Get the new Mac. When it prompts you, during the first startup, to "copy from another Mac", point it at either the SuperDuper! backup or the Time Machine backup (I suggest the SuperDuper! backup, but it's up to you).

That'll bring in all your applications, data and settings. Network settings might not be transferred, depending on what it does, but most other things will be there exactly as desired.

Hope that helps!

joemac 08-05-2008 01:10 PM

thanks dave and again it's pretty cool to be running the old mac from the superduper clone....

like right now.

i did get the new mac, early this am.

the apple store removed and added ram AND they started the machine and went far enough along to set up the first account...

which is now my admin account.

i don't know why they did this, but it's done now.

anyway i'd like to have my previous admin account and other user accounts in place on this machine (from the s/d clone)

i know there is a process for changing the short user name (they created) but i'd really like to NOT have the account they created on the machine at all.

with this 3 hour old mac, can i get it back to CLEAN by reinstalling from the packaged discs?

will doing this REMOVE the initial account they created and let me start fresh?

if so, then i'll do the "first start up" process as you have described and report back how it goes.

thanks for the guidance.


dnanian 08-05-2008 02:53 PM

Yes, reinstall by doing an clean (erase/install) from the packaged discs, and it'll remove the account they created.

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