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fredhoran 09-10-2007 10:10 AM

Restore Spotlight state problem

I started a copy between two 1394b drives using Superduper v2.1.4 in MacOS 10.4.10. It went swimmingly until the very end, during the "Restore Spotlight state" on the target drive.

I had started the process and walked away from the computer and when I got back (hours later), Superduper was in the spinning pizza of death and I could not force quit. I finally had to manually restart the machine.

I could not get log file from from the process.

Superduper recorded that the process, up to the point that it had frozen, had taken about 50 minutes. This was to move about 35GB over firewire 800. Note that the sourse drive was 320GB and the target drive was 200GB, both much larger than the 35GB transfered. One might expect about 30 minutes to move the files with 20 minutes for overhead, including "Restore Spotlight state".

I just ran SuperDuper again with 2 other disks and it worked fine (taking 35 minutes) with no Spotlight resore issue. Is this a hardware problem?

Thanks for comments and/or advice,

dnanian 09-10-2007 10:14 AM

It certainly sounds like a hardware problem, Fred, yes. If you restart, can you repeat the Smart Update successfully?

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