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greengrass 08-14-2006 11:35 PM

Initial Super Duper! Settings
In addition to using Super Duper! to do daily and weekly scheduled backups, I use it to do a one way sync of selected files from my desktop Mac to my MacBook. With Smart Update, I have the MacBook in sync within about 5 minutes over my wireless network. (I use a sparse image on the MacBook for this purpose.)

Everything works fine except that occasionally I want to do a manual backup and on opening, Super Duper! defaults to the MacBook sync settings. Since the MacBook is typically asleep, Super Duper! can't find the sparse image and I need to wait a few minutes until AFP finally times out and I can select the settings I want. Super Duper!'s GUI is inaccessible (spinning cursor) during this period.

Is there some way for me to change the default settings when Super Duper! opens?

dnanian 08-14-2006 11:40 PM

The easiest thing would probably be to turn off the volume restoration option in preferences. But you should also save settings for your common scenarios, and you can start SD! by loading those up in Finder if you'd like.

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