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trassalg 04-29-2005 02:50 AM

Possible to exclude files?
I recently downloaded the demo of Super Duper and would
like to know if it's possible to exclude some files and directories
when doing this backup. Is there a way to manually exclude some
things when creating a disk image or direct backup to an external firewire drive?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

dnanian 04-29-2005 08:50 AM

Hi, "trassalg". I replied to your support mail, too, asking the same question, but to reepeat:

It certainly is, "trassalg". Copy Scripts (which is kind of a misnomer -- they're really more like "savable file selectors") -- can select files that you want to copy, ignore or even share between volumes quite easily.

There's a section in the manual that shows exactly how to create a new copy script that builds on existing ones, but the basic idea would be to use File | New Copy Script to create a new one. Then:

- Enter an appropriate description
- In the 2nd tab, include the 'base' script you're going to extend -- such as "Backup - all files"
- In the 3rd tab, select a folder or file you want to exclude and click "Add". Make sure the command in front of it is "ignore"

When you're done, save the script, select it, and you're good to go.

TRado 06-11-2005 02:44 PM

Hi, I'd also like to duplicate of my AIBook's HD to an external FW 40G Harddrive. The problem is that I have about 50G of data on the AIBook and only a 40G drive to backup to.

So, I'd like copy everything EXCEPT one particular folder of DVDs which is very large. I figured this thread was pretty on-point, but I do have some follow up questions...

You stated above:
"- In the 2nd tab, include the 'base' script you're going to extend -- such as "Backup - all files" "
However, I noticed that when I look in the 'standard script' to 'Backup - all files' this base script is not listed there. What gives? Do I really need to include this when making my custom script?

Second, the scripts "Exclude system temporary files" AND "Exclude Norton FileSaver Files" ARE listed in the 'standard script' to backup all files. Do you recommend that I manually add these to my Custom Script?

Next, in the third tab of the 'standard script' to 'Backup - all files" I also noticed that it says to ignore:
private/var/db/Bootcache.playlist; and
Do you also recommend that I manually include these (in addition to the particular DVD folder that I plan on 'ignoring' so that my external drive can handle the backup)?

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, in my particular situation (where I have to be able to exclude some items in order to backup b/c the target drive is smaller than main drive, I have to pay to play, right? :)

dnanian 06-11-2005 10:47 PM

Hi, TRado.

Yes, you'll want to include "Backup - all files". It certainly *should* be listed in the standard scripts: if not, your installation is likely damaged. Try reinstalling from the image.

There's no harm in excluding the other files listed, though I believe they are in the current version of "Backup - all files". But feel free.

And -- yes -- you have to pay to make custom scripts.

Hope that helps!

TRado 06-12-2005 10:11 AM

I just re-installed it, and when I go into "Backup - all files" and then use the pull down and click "Edit Selected Copy Script" > Included Scripts - it STILL only says exclude system temp... and exclude Norton...

Am I doing something wrong?

dnanian 06-12-2005 12:11 PM

OK, I think I've explained this incorrectly.

You want to create a new copy script, don't edit "Backup - all files".

Then, in the second tab, press the "+" button. Navigate to the Standard Copy Scripts, and select "Backup - all files". It'll then put that in your include list, so you'll gain all the actions of "Backup - all files".

Then, continue to the 3rd tab.

Does that work?

TRado 06-12-2005 12:38 PM

Sorry, I'm the one not being clear. I created the custom script without a problem and it appears to be working fine. The issue I was actually responding to was where you wrote above:

"Yes, you'll want to include "Backup - all files". It certainly *should* be listed in the standard scripts: if not, your installation is likely damaged. Try reinstalling from the image."

No matter what I do, when I go into the stock Back-up all script that comes with the program, the second tab doesn't actually 'list' the backup all script it only list the two scripts to exclude certain things. It's not really an issue for me, except to the extent that you mentioned that my app might be damaged.

dnanian 06-12-2005 01:46 PM

I think we're just talking about different things here. When you "open" a standard script, it calls itself "Untitled" (because you can't save over the built-in scripts). But, when you include it, it'll do the right thing.

When you go into the Include tab for "Backup - all files", you're seeing exactly the right thing: the two scripts "Backup - all files" itself includes! The rest of the script commands are in the 3rd tab.

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