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DebNCgal 07-17-2009 09:16 AM

Swapping Multiple Off-Site External Drives
I have two pairs of external drives attached to my Mac. For each pair, one of the drives is a backup. In addition to these four drives, I keep one backup drive off-site for EACH of the pairs. So there are a total of 6 drives, with 3 having synched content, and another 3 have their own synched content.

Each of the six drives has a unique name.

I plan to create scheduled SmartUpdate backups of the drives, plus a scheduled backup for the drives that are rotated off-site weekly.

Will SD simply ignore the backup scripts for the drives that are NOT attached? My concern is that SD might get confused and do something it shouldn't!

I hope my background info and question make sense! If it helps, following are how the scheduled backups will be set up (the actual drive names are indicated):

>> Copy Lacie Disk 1 to Lacie Disk 2
>> Copy Lacie Disk 1 to Lacie Disk 3
(Either Lacie Disk 2 or Lacie Disk 3 will be taken off-site each week)

Copy Lacie Disk 2-1 to Lacie Disk 2-2
Copy Lacie Disk 2-1 to Lacie Disk 2-3
(Either Lacie Disk 2-2 or Lacie Disk 2-3 will be taken off-site week)

Thank you in advance for your response.

P.S. I *love* SuperDuper!

dnanian 07-17-2009 10:27 AM

Make sure that each of these drives is reformatted and repartitioned as needed: don't use them out of the box. I'd also strongly suggest that you name these drives more uniquely so you don't get confused, and don't name them with numbers at the end - that's a convention used by OSX to identify identically named drives, and doing it yourself is a mistake.

SD! won't "ignore" scripts for drives that aren't there. It'll give an error for each one that isn't present. But it won't do "something it shouldn't".

Hope that makes sense.

DebNCgal 07-17-2009 12:11 PM

All the drives have existing data on them already. (I've been "backing them up" the hard way -- copy and drag -- but that was a very cumbersome and inefficient route, as you might imagine!)

I appreciate the tip on the drive names. I didn't realize a number at the end of the name could be a problem with OS X.

Thanks very much for the quick and helpful response.

dnanian 07-17-2009 12:17 PM

If you haven't ever erased the drives since you received them from LaCie, you probably should.

If you've been dragging data to them, that data will likely be either erased or replaced if you use SD... please make sure you understand what you're doing & read the User's Guide sections on Smart Update, scripting, etc.

DebNCgal 07-17-2009 04:39 PM

As I recall, the LaCie disks did not require initializing when I got them. I think they mounted right up, so I began using them as is.

I did sort of "test" the SmartUpdate Scheduler --after having dragged and dropped files to get all the disks current with each other. I had removed some files and added some files from one of the drives, as a test. The SmartUpdate Scheduler removed files that should have been removed and added files that should have been added.

However, I do want to be sure I'm doing things properly, so I'll definitely review the SmartUpdate info.

Thank you for the additional cautions.

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