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mattone 08-12-2016 02:06 PM

Scheduling a Backup After MacBook Goes to Sleep

I've scheduled a Smart backup to external usb-3 drive for 9:30pm m-f. The Problem is that the MacBook (OS X 10.11.6) has gone to sleep by that time and the backup doesn't run.

What's the best way to backup at this time automatically?

Thank you,

dnanian 08-12-2016 06:00 PM

Hi, Matt. As I explain in the Scheduling section of the User's Guide, set a wake event for *one* minute before the scheduled copy time. That should do it!

(Don't close the cover, either.)

Hope that helps!

mattone 08-12-2016 07:37 PM

Hi, Dave.

Thanks. Looks like that should do the trick. I don't like leaving the lid open and plugged in ('Wake' says it requires device to be plugged in). Is that hard on the battery, leaving it plugged in?


dnanian 08-12-2016 08:04 PM

It shouldn't be terribly hard on the battery, no.

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