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mustangpcc 12-25-2005 08:23 PM

making external hard drive bootable with SuperDuper
I downloaded the freeware version of SuperDuper and backed up the hard drive from my Powerbook G4 to an Iomega 250 GB hard drive via FireWire. The backup was successful and I was given the option of making the external backup bootable. Before I could choose that option, I was encouraged to purchase the shareware version of SuperDuper, which I did. After the purchase, I no longer had the option to finish the backup by designating the drive as bootable. In fact it appeared that SuperDuper wanted me to perform another backup which would result in erasing what I had already done. I explored the Smart Update option but still had a message saying my previous work would be erased. I am trying to get things protected so I can install Tiger on my Powerbook. I am now running the latest version of Panther. Here are my related questions:

1) Do I need to make the external drive bootable and if so, how do I do that after the fact?

2) If I use the Smart Update option, will it erase everything and start all over or just add any new files?

3) I read your recommendation against doing a Clean Install of Tiger in another post. I was planning on doing that and am now having second thoughts but have also heard that just doing an Upgrade can lead to problems. Please advise further and inform me of any issues using SuperDuper with Tiger.

Thank you for your help with these questions!

dnanian 12-25-2005 10:43 PM

Hi, mustangpcc. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "lost the option to designate the drive as bootable". All options in the registered version are "shown" in the unregistered version, and we wouldn't take anything away. All backups are made bootable if it's possible to do so.

I'm not sure what you mean by "wanted you to perform another backup", or that it wanted to force erasure. Smart Update doesn't indicate that work will be erased: it indicates that the end result of the backup is the same as erasing (but the technique is different).

So, in sum:

1 - Nothing. All backups that can be made bootable are made bootable.

2 - No, it'll only make the changes necessary.

3 - You can always clean install Tiger after trying an update. But I've not encountered a situation where a clean install was necessary, and I've done a lot of Tiger updates myself and with others.

Hope that helps.

mustangpcc 12-27-2005 12:17 PM

Thank you and one more question
Thank you for your quick response. I will install Tiger as an upgrade and go from there.

When I get back home from the holidays I will run a Smart Backup. Will it ask me at the end if I want to make the drive bootable or not and if so, is it best for the external drive to be bootable? (Sorry for the Newbie questions). I was given that option following the first backup but when I shifted to popup screen about upgrading SuperDuper I was never able to get back to section three of the backup process. None of the choices I had if I did a Smart Backup specifically stated making the drive rebootable.

I apologize if this doesn't make sense. Thanks again for your quick response.


dnanian 12-27-2005 12:23 PM

We never "ask" whether a drive should be made bootable -- rather, if it can be made bootable, we do so. So, don't worry about it: it's always done.

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