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winni2 05-04-2005 12:39 AM

backing up specific files and folders
I just purchased superduper and wanted to backup specific files and folders.
unfortunately it didn't work for me since I am a newbie at writing scripts and must have gone completely wrong somewhere.
basically I have two Macís, one with 3 hard drives, the other with two and for my backup I use a 160 gb external firewire drive which at the moment is split up into 3 partitions. the first two partitions I used for each respective system hard drive, and the third partition I intended to use for backups of specific files and folders (all my photos for example) of my other drives. so I tried to do that by selecting the "backup-all files" script and adding the commands "ignore" to all the files I didn't want and "copy to the ones I wanted. I then chose "Erase ..., then copy files from...". what happened was that it copied my whole folder, including the ones I chose to ignore. I then tried it again, this time adding the "exclude all files" script, using it to ignore folders I didn't want and the "backup all files" script to copy folders I did want. this time nothing seemed to copy over, when I chose "get info" on the partition it said 43 mb used.
my intent was to back up these specific folder that way, then go to my other machine and backup folders I need from there onto the same partition using "copy newer files from..." with a different script.
what am I doing wrong?



dnanian 05-04-2005 09:41 AM

Without seeing the script itself it's hard to know, Max. Could you send it to support, and I'll take a look?

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