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nevyn 02-07-2007 05:28 PM

Backup to network volume without using disk images?

I currenly use a concoction of rsync scripts to backup all of the house's computers and external harddrives to a single big-ass RAID box that has a single partition. Now, I'd like to use SuperDuper for scheduled incremental backups ("Smart Update") for the backups that are already there, because I *don't* feel like spending an entire weekend copying over all that data over network again. Is it possible to have SuperDuper just treat a specific folder on my network volume as a backup target volume? No disk images or anything like that, just copy the files with all my precious metadata intact.

I hope you can help me, because I can't find another good backup app for Mac, and I'm seriously tired of my rsync scripts. (FYI: Synk sucks big time!)

(My current file structure on my backup disk looks like this:

23:23:16 argon:~ nevyn$ cd /Volumes/Capitol/
23:23:20 argon:/Volumes/Capitol nevyn$ ls
Desktop DB      daemons/        manual/
Desktop DF      installer_files/ rsync/
23:23:21 argon:/Volumes/Capitol nevyn$ ls rsync
Argon/  Kizei/  Mist/    Rah/    SHADOW/  WIZEI/  Xithaen/
23:23:36 argon:/Volumes/Capitol nevyn$ ls rsync/Kizei
Applications/ Library/      bin/          opt/          usr/
Apps/        Network/      botlib.log    private/      var@


dnanian 02-07-2007 06:34 PM

Sorry, no. We can't copy directly to a network volume because it's not possible for us to properly authorize in a way that would allow the metadata/ownership/permissions to be properly preserved...

If you use an image, though, it "appears" as a local volume, and as such can be authorized against, and everything works out great...

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