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New2MAC 06-09-2010 01:58 AM

Can SuperDuper do MAC what Norton Ghost does for PC
Hello this is my first post My son has a MAC PRO 2x quad core Intel xeon running Snow Leopard 10.6.3 with a 640G HD(Macintosh HD) and a Raid 5 controller with 3x 1.5TB HDs (3TB Raid) and a 2TB External HD. He uses this system for his Design work (Im his Tech.).

Im new to MAC, experienced with PCs, here is my question:

Can the Super Duper software create a complete System IMAGE of the operating system. I have used Norton Ghost for PCs and have created system Image files which can be used by booting up from the Norton CD and pointing to an external HD which contains the Image In no time (15 mins.) I have recovered the system and all its content. No need to reinstall all software, this is the way to insure an easy full system recovery and peace of mind. Can Super Duper do the same Thanks in advance

dnanian 06-09-2010 09:21 AM

It's not quite like Norton Ghost, no, but it's pretty close. One big difference is that if you write your backup directly to a properly partitioned drive, you can actually boot from the backup itself and run from it, something you can't do with Ghost.

We always copy file-by-file, so we're not doing a low-level 'blast' like Ghost, though.

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