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cl2222 06-14-2005 11:56 PM

HELP..>Can't find backup !
I bought Super Duper last week when I started to notice trouble with my eMac...cloned the drive last week and then everything failed last night. Before everything stopped, I did an update to my backup on the firewire drive, thinking that by checking update only files that had been changed, it would leave the main bootable backup alone an just do the updated files.

I tried to boot to the firewire and I couldn't, took the drive to a friends and plugged it into their Mac to look at the contents. There was only 9GB of data from 30 Gigs of my main drive, and alot of aliases for the main programs.

So I tried to install OS 10.3 on the backup drive so I can boot from it again, and it brings me to the login screen with my username for the computer. But, my username and password don't work and I can't log onto the firewire drive. ( BTW the original backup was made in 10.4...but I only had the 10.3 restore disks handy to reload the OS )

Can anyone help me out? How do I access those backup files to see what I have on the drive and what I may have lost....?


dnanian 06-15-2005 09:47 AM

It sounds, CJ, like you didn't use "Backup - all files" as your copy script. Instead, it seems that you used "Safety Clone" which -- as it says in the WGTH? section and in the User's Guide -- shares both your user files and most applications with the original drive. They're never copied, as the Safety Clone isn't a backup: that's why your backup doesn't have them.

Your user files should still be on your eMac's drive. Do you have Disk Warrior or anything similar that would let you repair the drive?

cl2222 06-16-2005 02:12 AM

Thanks....I had the apple tech out really lucky and it was the logic doing a full backup on my external firewire...Is there any way to schedule regular backups of changed files?

Thanks for your help and reply.


dnanian 06-16-2005 08:46 AM

Yes. Set a Smart Update backup as described in section 3 of the User's Guide, and then follow the steps in Section 12.

(Note that scheduling will be built-in to version 2.0 - my blog @ has more info.)

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