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afterhours 08-16-2007 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by afterhours (Post 13502)
I like SD and Dave's assistance, but in the interest of Server admin -- both yours and mine, if SD cannot run without a console login (our normal Xserve state), then another option might be

A while ago, I fleshed out part of a manuscript for OSXS management -- and rsyncx was the other method I meant to get around to. Like you, my backups occur late at night. Unimpeded backups or server imaging is pretty critical -- and I'd like to move away from the daytime backups we've previously employed. So please do report back the good and bad. It'll help everyone.

In follow-up, my unattended, no-one-logged-into-console, late-night-run of SD to fully clone a working server to a second drive appears to have functioned without a hitch. The install and cron task was set up from the root account. Logged out -- and this a.m., both were mirrored (save for changes that occurred to the live server since the backup.

With fingers crossed, it appears to have worked. And this is with the server completely current 10.4.10.

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