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Shouldnadunthat 07-01-2006 09:12 AM

Is it possible to set SD to enable a GoBack/Rollback (like Deep Freeze Mac)
I am currently using Super Duper with a firewire Ext HD. So far so sweet.

As a former Windows PC user, I was grateful to have the ability to "GoBack" or "rollback" and restore to an earlier time, prior to when I added some problematic new software or did something that screwed up the computer. A company called Faronics is selling a popular application called Deep Freeze Mac which enables rollbacks like Gateway GoBack on the PC. How could I set up Super Duper to mimic such software?

Secondly, if anyone knows a good link to a tutorial for partitioning a firewire hard disk, please let me know. Currently my hard disk has the sole purpose of storing my back ups, and I am wasting much of the free space on it with my current settings. I wish to keep the option open to be able to boot the restore process directly from the firewire hard drive if necessary, so my options are limited.

dnanian 07-01-2006 09:25 AM

There's not much to "tutor" about partitioning: once you recognize that, without a 3rd party utility, partitioning will erase the disk, you just start Disk Utility, select the drive, choose the partitioning tab, and create your partitions.

Use APM to partition the external drive (Options...), and you should be good to go.

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