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rsgleason2000 02-05-2007 02:43 PM

Possible "Go-Around" for 10.4.8 Hangs
Even though I'm new to this forum, I'm not new to SuperDuper, it is an excellant product!

I may have found a possible "go-around" (back door) for getting around the hang-ups we've been experincing. I know for myself, I got to the point of cringing at the idea of backing up with SuperDuper because of the hang-ups. In fact, most of my morning was shot today because SuperDuper kept hanging. Out of frustration I visited the developer site for SuperDuper and was delighted to see you guys had a Forum. I registered and did a search on "hang", then I dived right into the information only to discover that the problem is with 10.4.8 and NOT with SuperDuper [I'm running a Digital Audio G4 Mac with 1.8GHz Dual Processor(s) from Sonnet plus the dreaded OS-10.4.8].

I know I didn't want to install 10.4.7 because my OS-10 installer disks start right at 10.4 and I'd have to upgrade my Mac all the way back up to 10.4.7 plus reinstall everything else. Simply not an acceptable solution. There had to a back door solution ....


Now I only did this "once", and that was today, so without having done this multiple times I cannot say with absolute certainty that this is a way of getting around the problem, NEVER-THE-LESS, it did work for me on my Mac and so I felt it was important enough to share with everybody who uses SuperDuper on a Mac running 10.4.8


1st) On my 4th try, instead of trying Smart Update (again), I chose instead to use the next backup option under Smart Update entitled "Copy Newer Files".

2nd) After having ran the "Copy Newer Files" sucessfully and without a hitch, I then had SuperDuper again but this time using the "Smart Update" option.


The Smart Update ran sucessfully and 11 minutes later I had a complete backup on my external firewire drive (in otherwords, SuperDuper ran like its suppose to).

The next time I need to backup my external (firewire) drive, I plan to repeat this proceedure and hopefully this will turn out to be a workable solution [but then again, maybe 10.4.9 will be out before I need to backup again on 10.4.8].

In Christ,
Russell L. Gleason

dnanian 02-05-2007 03:23 PM

Hm. The issue with 10.4.8 is for Intel Macs only, actually, so I think something else is going on here.

A "hang" (SD! seems to stop copying) is much different than a "crash" (which is what's going on with Intel Macs on 10.4.8).

Usually a "hang" is because some file that's being copied is either huge or being written at the same moment we're copying it...

RickPrather 02-05-2007 09:38 PM

I didn't even know there was an issue with 10.4.8 until I read about it today on the Apple forum.

I have been using "Copy newer files" for my backups so perhaps that is the reason I have not had a problem.

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