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nephdoc 06-26-2020 12:52 PM

WWDC: any updates on ASR, making new cliones, etc.?
Lots going on, it seems. If there's an arc from end user on the left end to wizard developer on the other, I'm over the edge at the former, but I try to keep up on stuff that might help me make hardware and software choices. I was a bit surprised to discover that Apple's "loaner" "Apple Silicon" Mini-jacketed boxes don't have TB3 ports. I've snooped about a bit and found some people sharing my concerns, but others who point out that the next generation of TB will still use the same physical port and will only require certification, not licensing, so there's not likely any reason for Apple to abandon the technology.

My concern dovetails with the wrinkles that Apple's "read only" system installation, the T2 chip, etc., create for updating clones or making new ones, as well as what hardware to purchase for them.

I read through the list of topics explicitly discussed at WWDC and didn't find any that seemed focused on these issues. So, I'm hoping for insights from people who understand all this stuff:confused:

dnanian 06-26-2020 12:55 PM

For Apple Silicon Macs? We have absolutely no idea, and won't know until they come out...

nephdoc 06-27-2020 10:12 AM

I'm sorry; WAY too many inferences and assumptions on my part.

My understanding of the current situation is that, beginning with Catalina 10.15.5, Apple has made it difficult to update bootable clones because of how they've "locked down" (my end-user and probably imprecise term) the read only volume in the Container that also includes the data volume. That means, as I understand it, that the only way SD! can update a clone after Apple does something to the Read Only volume is to erase BOTH volumes in the container, use Apple's ASR to put a NEW Read Only system into the container on the clone, then copy all the Data volume to the Clone. That has implications for what kinds of media can be used to create tolerable clones; e.g., rotating platter drives make HORRIBLE clones if one ever suddenly needs to WORK from the clone. The wrinkle exposed at WWDC is that the machines with "Apple Silicon" being loaned to developers have USBc ports that for some reason don't support TB. So, what I was wondering is whether anything was said by Apple that you're aware of regarding whether purchasing an external SSD with a TB3 interface for cloning purposes would become a regretted acquisition once those new Macs become production machines because Apple has decided not to support TB3 (or TB4, which I assume would be backwards compatible because the physical interface is the same).

The more immediate question, and given that my 16" Laptop is still a "puppy" (I hope) is whether a version of SD! that can update bootable clones in Catalina is ready or almost ready.

Thanks again,
Jim Robertson

dnanian 06-27-2020 10:17 AM

We could already deal with Catalina up until 10.15.5, Jim. They broke 3rd party firmlink creation in that version, so now we need to use alternate methods to create the initial copy.

When you're ready, write to me at support and I can provide you with the steps.

You can draw no inferences from the DTK's hardware capabilities. None. So don't even bother trying to figure out what any future Macs will be like from these transition kits.

And, no: just use an external USB3 SSD. No need to use rotating drives when a high quality SSD is about $150 for 1TB.

nephdoc 07-01-2020 08:52 AM

Thanks so much. I've ordered OWC's new TB3 case for SSD modules. I'll check in once it arrives.

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